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Moving pictureswith passion.

Making videos is easy. Standing out is hard. That’s why we favour a bold and brave approach to production. At heart, we’re a bunch of passionate creatives taking pride in every project: no matter the size and scope.

Recent work.              

R-Kioski commercial

Slaidaa itsesi Ärrälle, 2023

In collaboration with Drum Agency, we created and produced a furious and hyper-paced commercial concept to promote R-Kioski’s new Slaideri-sandwich.

Directed by Atte Merikallio
Agency: Drum

BessAlbum Promotion


Neon lights, distorted surfaces and the biggest popstar of Finland. Made in collaboration with Universal Music Finland.

Directed by Jack Murda
Label: Universal Music Finland

Norlyn commercial

Norlyn Comfy, 2023

Cozy and carefree TV-commercial. Be like Maija. Wear Norlyn Comfy and kick back.

Directed by Silja Minkkinen
Agency: Duran Creative

Aleksanteri HakaniemiMusic video

Mä voisin rakastua suhun, 2022

Music Video of the Year 2023, Emma Gaala.
‘Nuff said.

Directed by Atte Merikallio & Jack Murda
Label: Sony Music Finland

Yrjänä album visuals

Sulle rakas

During 2022, we created six music videos and promotional assets for the up-and-coming pop-virtuoso Yrjänä. Shot in Finland and France across all four seasons.

Directed by Atte Merikallio

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Writer’s block? We’re here to fill out the blanks. Everything from creative concepting to thoroughly crafted treatments, we’ve got your back. Don’t you worry.

We’ve got all the tools and filmmaker-buddies to make your brand shine and take the next step.

First, we put the puzzle pieces together for you. Then, with some editing wizardy and special tricks, we finesse the product to a form of an absolute masterpiece.

Services //

Cut through the noise.

Whether it’s award-winning music videos, value-driven brand films, or attention-grabbing social content, our mission is to make you interesting. One of our greatest strengths is finding new and creative solutions to any project. Think of us as a trustworthy companion in all your creative audiovisual needs. Still not convinced? Just check out some of these satisfied clients.

Askel is a truly full-service video production company dedicated to making you the most interesting brand in the room. After all, that’s what owning the frame is all about.

We have all the tools, partners and creative juices needed to produce jaw-dropping content from start to finish. Your role? To sit back and feel the stress leave your shoulders.